Upgraders Loans

You’re thinking of upgrading your home?

Sounds like you’re already on the property ladder and are about to start climbing up it.  Outgrown your current home?  Need to move on to bigger and better things?  Something more suited to your family’s needs today.  Hybrid family needing more space?

Whatever your reason for upgrading and whether you’re moving from a studio to a two-bed unit, a unit to a townhouse, a duplex to a free standing property, Curtis Financial can find the perfect Upgraders Loan for your unique circumstances.

What is an Upgraders Loan?

Essentially any loan used for the purpose of facilitating the move from your existing home to a new home.  Not all loan products are suitable for Upgraders and Curtis Financial are here to ensure you get the right type of loan for your specific needs.

What Loan Types are available to Upgraders?

A variety of home loan products are suitable for upgrading your home and details of each are included on a separate page.  Click the individual page links for further information.

  • Construction Loans – build your own home as an ‘owner/builder’
  • Bridging Loans – allows purchase of your new home without having sold your present home

Am I eligible for an Upgraders Loan?

Eligibility criteria for Upgraders Loans vary according to the loan type and more information is given on the individual loan pages.  Curtis Financial would be glad to discuss your circumstances and requirements to help identify and arrange the right Upgraders Loan product for you.

Contact Curtis Financial on 0400 897 221 to explore your Upgraders Loan options.