Renovation Loans

Your home needs a facelift?

You love your home, even though it no longer accommodates your family’s needs.  Maybe it never did?  You could move – with all that entails.  Or, you could remodel your home so it works how your family needs it to.  Renovate and modernise it and it’ll be like living in a new home.  A Renovation Loan could be a financially more attractive option than moving home.

What is a Renovation Loan?

A type of Home Loan taken out to finance Renovations or a non-structural Remodelling project at your home.  The type of Renovation Loan available to you is likely to depend on the amount of equity currently accumulated in your home.

What Home Loan Types are available for Renovating?

Various home Renovation Loan products are available for financing renovations or a remodelling project on your existing home, including one of the most popular:

  • Small Alteration Loans – for those smaller renovations, typically kitchens, bathrooms or flooring and such like, you may be eligible to top up your existing loan by the required amount. You pay contractors directly, rather than have the bank control the payments for you.  This provides greater flexibility throughout the loan process and renovation project, helping save you money.

Am I eligible for a Renovation Loan?

Eligibility criteria for a Renovation Loan vary according to the loan type and Curtis Financial would be glad to discuss your circumstances and requirements to help identify and arrange the right Renovation Loan product for you.

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