Commercial Loans

Grow Your Business with a Commercial Loan

Grow your business with a well-structured Commercial Loan arranged by Curtis Financial.

Will your Business Banker advise you a competitor’s product is better for your business?

Unlikely!  Curtis Financial provides a comprehensive review at the initial discussion stage to ensure we can match you and your business with the right lending partner.  Commercial Loans can become complex and we recognise the importance of matching the best available rate with the simplest solution for your specific business requirement.

Structured for Growth, Simplicity and a Competitive Edge

Commercial or Business loans are often structured incorrectly, potentially doing more long-term harm than good for your cash-flow.  Curtis Financial gets an in-depth understanding of your business and, in conjunction with your accountant’s advice, finds a range of appropriate, flexible products meeting all of your requirements and positioning your business for greater success.

Commercial Loans for what Purpose?

Practically anything.  Commercial Loans are not limited to everyday business lending.  Purchase a vehicle, upgrade office equipment, buy an investment property, invest in a hotel/motel or move into property development – the possibilities are endless.  Whether simple or complex, Curtis Financial arranges business finance of various types, including:

Why Curtis Financial?

Researching Commercial Loan products and interest rates online and determining their suitability for your business requirements is both difficult and time-consuming.  We take the strain out of the whole finding and arranging process, letting you focus on doing what you do best, managing your business.

Our Commercial Loan brokers have extensive business banking experience with top Australian banks – we know how the system works, inside out.

Commercial Loans, unlike home loans, should be reassessed frequently.  Our annual review of your commercial mortgage package ensures you maintain the best rate and most appropriate solution for your business needs.

We’ll help you avoid common pitfalls such as taking out a Commercial Loan at a Home Loan rate.  Preventing the situation of an expanding business locked into a product that costs money because the lender won’t offer funding for further products.  Curtis Financial ensures that at no stage does your Commercial Loan cost you or your business money unnecessarily.

What next?

Contact Curtis Financial on 0400 897 221 and we’ll find your optimum Commercial Loan solution allowing you to release capital resources and accomplish your business goals.