Residential Loans

Helping find and setup suitable home loans for every residential situation. Whether purchasing your first home,

First Home Loans

First Home Buyers encounter many obstacles which Curtis Financial has vast experience in overcoming.

Refinance Loans

Refinancing of a Home Loan or Investment Loan is usually done to access a previously unavailable lower interest rate

Trust Loans

Trusts have various tax advantages. Trust Loans are taken out by the Trust and not by its individual members.

Loans to Suit needs

Loans to Suit  needs
Fixed rate Loans

Fixed rate home loans versus variable rate home loans, know the differences.

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Guarantor Loans

One from most lenders is their requirement that your guarantor must be a close family member

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Self Employed Loans

Self employed loans are not as difficult as most people would have you believe.

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Low Doc Loans

Low Doc loans are traditionally loans that are done on a reduced documentation basis.

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Equipment Finance

There are many different types of equipment finance products on the market.

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Commercial Property Finance

The main difference between commercial property loans is the amount of equity required to qualify.

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How we do it

How we do it

Discuss goals, obtain basic information


Find suitable lenders and product options to meet those goals


Discuss pro's and con's of each option so customers make an informed decision


Lodge application with the lender


Manage file through to settlement


Post-settlement maintenance such as reviews to ensure original product still meet goals and it at the most competitive rate possible